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Eastern Corporation was founded by brothers: Hoon & Peter Kim.

The Kim brothers worked with only the man power of two building from the ground up. They took on tasks such as laboring with the crewmen on jobsites, creating shop drawings, managing finances, putting together submittals, and much more.

Working around the clock, they gave Eastern everything they had and accomplished the amazing feat of becoming a major regional market player in only a couple years’ time. After 20 years of growth, the Kim brothers not only achieved their vision of becoming one of the most respected construction companies in the country; but also found new ambition to gain recognition in the global market.

As we now strive toward our goal of building a globally recognized company, we hope to share this journey of success together.



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Over the past 25 years, our client-focused methods have resulted in hundreds of satisfied customers across the nation. Our superior construction of up-scale residence, schools, hospitals, churches and etc. has earned us the position of a leader in the construction industry. We utilize our extensive knowledge, experience, and efficiency to ensure that we turn your visions into reality. LEARN MORE >>

building envelopment

Architectural envelope represents a highly complex field of innovation. The coordination between many trades and manufactured systems create dynamic integration of various systems, to fulfill required design intentions. Eastern Corporation is able to offer envelope design assistance in early project stages in every part of the envelope system such as waterproofing, roofing, wall panels and glass & glazing system. LEARN MORE >>


We offer a single point of integrated expertise for workplaces and homes from concept to completion. Our client's mission, visions and needs are important to us. Let us evoke a sense of place for you to create the signature look. LEARN MORE >>